YouTube Slow 2011-Why Is Youtube Slow and How to Fix This Issue

By | September 9, 2016

The Alexa Traffic Rank of YouTube website is 3 which means it can be called the 3rd most checked out website on web having millions of videos to show. We all everyday check out this website looking for videos. It is, however, observed that YouTube is sluggish in 2011 and in some cases it freezes too. I am going to describe why it does so and what steps can be taken to fix this problem.

Why is YouTube slow? 1. Sluggish internet connection 2. Third-party toolbars are installed< br/ > 3. Junk pc registry entries
4. A lot of add-ons and extensions
are allowed< br/ > 5. Pc registry fragmentation
6. Clear web browsers junk Slow Internet Connection It may be possible that

your internet connection

is extremely slow and hence YouTube loads slow. YouTube contains videos, and videos take a longer time to download and play. A user having a computer with slow web connection might observe that website and the Youtube videos load very sluggish. Conceal Third-Party Toolbars Installed Web browsers support installation of external toolbars, such as,

a toolbar having search box

and other controls. Many of the free software on the web comes with a toolbar for your web internet browser. You are triggered throughout the installation whether to install them or not. If you pick to install, they get installed in your web browser. These toolbars decrease the performance of your web browser,

and consequently YouTube and other sites pack sluggish. These toolbars have controls, buttons and images and many toolbars use variety of ActiveX manages that decrease web browser efficiency. You are needed to hide/disable such toolbars. 1. Open Web Explorer, Chrome or Firefox 2. Click View|Toolbars, and uncheck the

toolbars installed by third-party software. 3. A verification box may appear. Disable all the ActiveX associated to that toolbar. Fix the Scrap Pc registry Entries YouTube loads sluggish since of junk registry entries.

Windows registry isa vital element of your os and

it stores crucial data about your computer. The junk, unneeded and out-of-date windows registry secrets frequently causes problems to internet browsers and other computer programs. It is not possible to find the registry junk till you had taken an authorized training in such field.

So it will be sensible for you to safely clean up the windows registry scrap using an external windows registry cleansing tool. Disable Unnecessary Internet browser Extensions Web browser extensions are nothing however the added functionalities offered


many websites to make sure utilizing their services

by the users. Sometimes, few extensions are very important as they boost the process of finalizing on to your webmail accounts. YouTube loads slow if a lot of extensions are set up. The option is to disable many of the add-ons that you not need. Here's how: 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Click Tools |

. Handle Add-Ons. 3. Select the option All Add-Ons from the Program drop down box. 4.
Select the unnecessary add-ons one by one, and click Disable button. 5. Reboot Internet Explorer after completion.
Defrag the Registry There is a big role of system pc registry in the performance of your computer. Your internet browser may perform slow if the windows registry is

fragmented. In such a

case, you need to defragment it using third-party software application. Clean Browsers Junk Although you can clean up the web browsers scrap manually, however it is highly likely that a lot of undesirable information will remain uncleaned. In order to make Youtube much faster in efficiency

your browser shall be enhanced and complimentary from unneeded scrap information. A system cleaner tool can assist you eliminate web browsers junk within minutes. Crucial Thing The most essential thing is to have an excellent registry/system cleaning software installed and run registry scan through it regularly. As a computer system needs an anti-virus software for a security against new threats, the very same thing, a windows registry cleaner is needed to keep the pc registry and thus boost the performance of sites like YouTube. YouTube loads slow? Repair Slow Youtube using the finest System/Registry Cleaner and Optimizer RegInOut which is an Intel Software

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