WordPress Help – How to Add a YouTube Video to Your Blog

By | May 18, 2016

Have you tried adding YouTube videos to your blog site?

If you haven't, try it. YouTube videos add value to your content. They make your website more interactive, and they expect the requirements of your audience. Even if you do not know for a reality that your site has visitors with extremely short interest spans, you might discover it rewarding in the end to include videos to your website anyway. A video can enhance the points you made in your entry. Or, it can add humor to an otherwise dull post. Or, it could be the chosen media of some visitors, who do not have the time or the interest to read long paragraphs.

But do you understand ways to post YouTube videos to your blog?

That is where WordPress assistance through guides get in the picture. If you're new to the platform and require WordPress assist to bring a YouTube media to your blog site, know that there are many methods to get the task done. You can download plugins that will automate the publishing or modify your profile settings. Exactly what I'm about to share with you, nevertheless, is the simplest method to do it. Shall we start?

Go to the video you desire to include and try to find the Embed code.
Copy the code.
Log in to your WordPress account. Go to the area where you normally make new posts.
Try to find the word HTML (discovered somewhat above the area for your post) and click it so that whatever you compose will appear to you in HTML view.
Paste the Embed code you copied and publish your entry. Do not forget to add a title, some tags, and a keyword to enhance the publishing for the spiders.

There! Had not been that the easiest thing you've done?

The next time you need WordPress assistance, you can look for tutorials that show you the most basic way to get things done, like this one.

Gina Corcoran is a WordPress expert who loves offering WordPress assist totally free. She contributes short articles to WebBriefcase.Com.Au and supplies WordPress help and tutorials to Web marketers in requirement of webmastering help. Have a look at the site now!

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