Views of Earphone From the Perspective of Japanese Culture

By | April 1, 2017

Headphone can be more and more tasty, which is because headphone is very different from other IT products. Through this type of headphone, we cannot only hear the nearest technology, but also can taste its special culture atmosphere. As a result, headphone looks even more like a combination of humanity and technology. Knowing about a type of headphone means you having known a kind of culture.Several Tricks to Wear hockey sticks

Headphones should be expressed by the voice, but the different voices reflect in the difference of the frequent curve. Famous cricket bats are Absolutely On Fire in September In fact, such a small headset thing, its complexity is nothing less than the speaker, because it depends on a unit to cover the entire hearing thresholds, so the difficulty can be imagined. No matter how excellent headphones are, it is also difficult to ensure the complete flat frequency response curve, and even the famous Sennheiser HD600 also has large ups and downs in frequency bands in 5 KHz or more, not to mention other headphones which are positioned less than HD600. But in more cases, designers often intentionally pull up or reduce the frequency curve at certain band to get different effect.

Some people will say:” why we put colors on the headset?” You can ask people who has ever compare listening-in headphones with ordinary headphones, who all know that the listening-in headphones sounds less comfortable than ordinary headphones. Low color headphones give us the impression of common and lack of beauty and light. But this kind of headphone is used widely. Deep dyeing headphone sounds good initially,but this one is less adaptive and is very easily to be tired of.

To put it simply, the headphone without staining is fit for listening to all types of music, but they will not be so good, a strong staining headset will be very fit for listening to a certain kind of music. Change other kinds of music, and the effect will reduce greatly, so headphone designers are trying to grasp the “degree” between dyeing and non-dyeing in order to achieve balanced results between listening sense and adaptation aspect.

It is the geography and history in Japan that makes it has unconventional modes of thinking and ways of appreciating beauty. In addition, the fast development of Japanese economy in decades and the exchanges and blending of various cultural trends form Japanese unique cultural features. The sound quality of Japanese headphone can be divided into two completely different groups:one is that fall vapidly in extremely low frequency and rise rapidly in this frequency,which gives people a shocking impression of extremely heavy bass;the other one is that to highlight the decration of high frequency and abandon low frequency. Such extreme sound trend makes the application of a type of Japanese headphone become very narrow.

The headset is a combination of technology and culture, and seeing culture from headset is very interesting. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why there are so many people who are obsessed with the headphones. Indeed, styles have no difference between good and bad, just like different scenerys can let you have different moods. It`s just because there are so many diversities, our world can be so colorful.

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