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By | August 25, 2016

If you're like me you've devoted a reasonable quantity of time and effort to shooting, editing and posting videos on the Web as part of your online marketing campaigns. And if you're doing that, you're most likely publishing them to YouTube. It is, after all, the 2-ton guerrilla in the space. If you're wanting to generate income online and playing in the video arena, YouTube must be among your parking locations. However are you getting all you can out of those posts? Do you know which of your videos are being viewed the most? Who's enjoying them? Are people discussing your videos?

Go into Insight

There's an integrated in tool on YouTube called “Insight” that offers answers for entrepreneurs to these questions and a lot more. You'll find it by going to your YouTube Account Introduction page. On the right-hand man side, simply above “Edit Channel” is “Understanding.” Selecting Insight takes you to a summary page for all of your videos where you can see the number of times your videos have actually been viewed, take a look at the demographics of your audience, see where your videos are most popular, and see a list of your most seen videos. You can even drill down on each of these categories to see more information.

Learn More

Wish to get more specific? Click on the “All Videos” link and a list of all your videos pops up. You can then choose specific videos and see all of the categories broken down for that specific title. You can likewise see the source of the views. Were they from an embedded player? Viral sources? External links?

Are you holding the interest of your reader? Locations will inform you. It supplies an audience interest rating at each moment of your video and compares it to other videos of comparable length. The greater the chart, the hotter your video.

Master the Data; Own the marketplace

You may learn some surprising things using this tool. For example, the last time I inspected practically 100% of my viewers were men. (I'm trying to take that as a compliment, but I require all the females out there to step up and assist me out!)

The essential trait isn't a lot what the data tells you as how you interpret the details and exactly what you do with it. Master the information; own the market. Understanding can assist you do both.

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