The Secret on Making Perfect Video

By | March 30, 2017

I am always confused that why sometimes the images on screen are different from their nature appearance on daily life.

Of course, I admit that the actresses on film have first-class cosmetician to make them up so as to hide appearance defects and meet the best effects. Besides, montage can help editor to choose the best scene to make the film more beautiful and attractive. So the actress in the film always so prefect even she is in dilemma.

But the videos spreading online such as YouTube look as perfect as the film really puzzled me. Talking with my boyfriend who is a programmer, I finally know the secret on how to make perfect video.

To make perfect video two equipments are needed that is camcorder and editing software. As a greener, I chose the Kodak camcorder because the Kodak camera in china has a nickname “camera for simpleton” which means the Kodak camera is easy to use, so does camcorder I think. You can also choose Sony, flip, canon etc which you prefer. The editing software of course is Windows Movie Maker as I am a PC user.

After the video has been shot, I try to import my video to Windows Movie Maker, but the windows movie maker cannot recognize it. My boyfriend said I am indeed a fans of Kodak camera—simpleton and do not know the common sense that windows Movie Maker cannot support MOV video. So with his help, I download a software Kodak video converter, which seems can help I change MOV and MP4 video format.

With the Kodak video help, I convert Kodak video and import Kodak video to windows Movie Maker to edit my video. The second time, my boyfriend call me “simpleton” for that the converter supports editing functions and can convert video to FLV which is the main video format for player online.

At last, I made my video and share it on Youku but there is another problem can you help me? Since finishing the video, my boyfriend call me “simpleton” even I have said several time I angry with it. How would I do to shake off the nickname?

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