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Views From China And Singapore

For some preliminary answers to the question, I present here the views of 75 English language teachers from China and Singapore. They were postgraduate students doing applied linguistic courses in the same university. Of the total, 37 were Chinese college and high school teachers, while the remaining 38 were mainly primary and secondary teachers from… Read More »

News And Views From A London Interior Design Company – Victorian Revivals

The Victorian era covers the period 1837-1901. During this time, Queen Victoria ruled England from her throne in London’s celebrated Buckingham Palace. She was not known as an interior designer herself, but during her reign there was a revival of all sorts of design ideas from the past. Interior design companies of the time brought… Read More »

How to Make Money Online From Scratch

Since the advent of the Internet, making money out of nothing has become possible. These days, almost anybody can earn money on the net. Yes, there are plenty of great opportunities waiting for you. All you need are creativity, patience, time, and of course, a computer with an Internet connection. Unlike offline jobs, online jobs… Read More »