Surviving the YouTube Slap Part 3 – The Advanced User

By | December 28, 2016

This is the third and final part in a series titled “YouTube Slap Survival Guide.” For more background see my HUB Page by visiting

For the aggressive marketer I simply will say, sorry guys you may have caused the problem and I know you are aware that YouTube is not the bad guy here. This is worth saying again, content aggregation sites like Google, Yahoo, You Tube and others are focused on the customer experience. The priority of these companies is to deliver “relevant” content to their end users based on their chosen search criteria. When a marketer games the system by manufacturing search results which do not serve the end user – watch out!

If you are an aggressive marketer or practice “black hat” techniques, you know that it is not a question of if but when the slap will come and you are likely ok taking it. It was a long run, you made your money and now on to the next frontier. If you are like me, you want to be as assertive as the rules allow, but your priority is to deliver value, build your brand on integrity, and create a sustainable business.

Because you guys are the target, the fix for you is a little more complicated and depending on whether or not you have already been flagged, following these suggestions might preserve your presence on You Tube.

1. Based on the feedback I am getting, I would explore the IP address questions previously raised and act accordingly. Really strive to get the correct answers, I have received conflicting opinions offered by I.T. professionals.

2. If you have been a heavy abuser you might consider subscribing to a proxy server provider and shift your marketing to a new IP offered through a third party proxy service.

3. Do not change the email address on your primary account, but do so on the others, it appears that duplicated email addresses draws a flag.

4. Consider consolidating all of your content onto your primary account and close all others.

5. Do not reload the exact same videos without following these steps.

Create an original source file by re-compressing the video from your editing software on your desk top
Provide a new title for the video when uploading to YouTube
Make sure that ALL of your tags are relevant to the content of your video

6. Do not use friend finder or video blaster software to manage content or make connections on YouTube. This is not the same thing as appropriately using a system like Traffic Geyser.

7. If you use video submission software to post your videos, edit “YouTube” out of your posting preferences and manually upload your content to You Tube.

In addition to these suggestions, I would adhere to all of the recommendations offered to new YouTube users listed in my prior articles.

I will provide several suggestions to help you avoid the slap regardless of you level of experience or number of videos presently posted on YouTube. This article addressed the new YouTube user, the second and third parts will address the intermediate and advance YouTube user. Feel free to share your stories and best practice recommendations by contacting me directly.

James Holmes is an online marketer, coach, and trainer in the home-based business industry. James teaches a system that duplicates and produces predictable results. James also coaches on prosperity mindset and the law of attraction.

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