Stupidity Versus Popularity on YouTube

By | August 30, 2016

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and it made you feel truly annoyed for the stupidity of the video? Well, I think everyone else has. Some individuals publish nonsense, unimportant, totally silly videos on YouTube just to obtain popularity. Even if their main intent is to entertain, some people end up irritated by their acts and instead of liking their video, they get gibberish, trashy remarks from viewers.

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Let's admit it. Individuals are likewise drawn to view videos with dumb titles. Nevertheless, it is likewise real that they only click the video from curiosity and they are in fact expecting something really amusing and not plain silly. Some videos that fail to fulfill this expectations get a great deal of harsh and unsightly comments. Why do some people take pleasure in revealing themselves being stupid? Is appeal more crucial to them than humiliating themselves in front of countless YouTube audiences? Is the danger truly worth it?

First of all, there is no guideline in Facebook concerning the material of the videos (except for the ones with specific material). Individuals can publish amusing, severe, heartwarming, sad and sadly, also stupid videos. Time, according to most viewers, is lost viewing these type of videos. It is also sad to understand that people are ready to do such shenanigans simply to obtain discovered. These people need to know that there is more to life than YouTube which they can be popular by not getting themselves ashamed.

Second, technology has actually persuaded people that the Internet is the fastest way of becoming popular, the majority of particularly on YouTube. Take for example the hit pop experience Justin Bieber who was found in YouTube when he published homemade videos of himself way back when he was simply 12 years old. Another legendary hit was singer-guitarist Marie Digby who is now an uprising star. Who couldn't forget the new lead vocalist of the band Journey? He is no other than Arnel Pineda who was also found on YouTube and is now on top of his career with his brand-new band. The internet has actually indeed made many amazing people popular. Nevertheless, people need to recognize that being extraordinarily talented is more accepted than being extremely silly.

Third, some individuals can't sing, dance or act well. I planned utilizing the word “well” due to the fact that I think that everybody can do those 3 things however not as great as other people. That is why individuals are inspired to do other things rather, such as being stupid. They can attempt to provide a joke that is not truly amusing but violent. They submit unimportant videos that are not truly worth viewing by other individuals and ought to rather be an individual copy. Since they think they could not level to skilled artists, they attempt to make their own stupid identities.

While some individuals frown over dumb videos, individuals who have published them somehow feel happy with the number of views. Some people risk doing crazy shenanigans simply to get popular, and that really takes a good deal of bravery to humiliate yourself. Some non-violent videos are all right, however those violent ones really make viewers sick. I personally believe that being violent is not amusing, and not simply stupid but inhumane! People can be silly every so often in videos and have that freedom in publishing them, however they just have to make certain that they know exactly what they are doing. They ought to likewise avoid harming people while doing so and they should understand the possible consequences of their actions.

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