Realtor Training – How You Can Promote Using Facebook and YouTube

By | April 30, 2016

A lot of standard Real estate agent training on marketing might not serve to set you apart from the rest of the property representatives in your location.

Distinct Selling Proposition

Exactly what makes you distinct? Why would prospective sellers or buyers wish to select you over the numerous other Real estate agents? Are you getting smothered by all the other Realtors attempting to make a name on their own too?

While studying for your Realtor permit, you might have discovered the ins and outs of how to work as a Realtor, however I attempt say that outside of company cards, flyers, yellow page ads, and acquiring recommendations you might not have received comprehensive marketing training as part of your Real estate agent education that is beyond the “norm.”

Social network Can Be Your Finest Good friend

Other businesses are effectively promoting on the Internet these days. Why not you? Social network has actually induced brand-new ways of getting your name out there. Through mediums like Facebook and YouTube, prospective customers have the possibility to not only learn more about you as an expert, they can be familiar with you as a person.

Facebook Details

Currently, Facebook has 350 million active users. More than 700,000 regional businesses have active Pages on Facebook. More than 3.5 billion pieces of material (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, image albums, etc.) are shared weekly. HALF of Facebook's active users visit to Facebook in any given day. The typical user invests more than 55 minutes daily on Facebook.

It's a shame that there are no Real estate agent classes on ways to take advantage of the market on Facebook. Nevertheless, you can utilize Facebook to build relationships with people. You can connect with individuals both in your regional location and throughout the world for that matter. You never know when someone might need your expert services.

YouTube Details

Individuals are enjoying millions of video a day on YouTube. In fact, YouTube is getting so much attention and traffic that Google obtained it in 2006.

The user base on YouTube typically ranges from 18 – 55 and is uniformly divided between women and males. Fifty one percent of users go to YouTube weekly or more typically, and 52 percent of 18 – 34 years of age share videos often with pals and associates.

In Real estate professional school, you may have learned how to show a building. Take that same concept and convert it to video!

YouTube Tips

You can publish video trips of properties you are selling. You can post videos of you giving guidance to sellers and purchasers. You can publish videos about exactly what makes you special as a Real estate agent. Again, returning to promoting your unique selling proposition. You can post personal videos so individuals can get to understand you are a person.

Different people resonate with different individuals. You will be surprised at just how much connection you can construct with others through the power of video on YouTube and relationships developed on Facebook.

Learn ways to use the marketing power of Facebook and YouTube. You will be impressed at how

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