Plastic Surgery Videos Are Beneficial For Potential Patients

By | January 31, 2017

Some people may find it odd that more and more plastic surgeons are choosing to post videos of consultations, cosmetic procedures, and informative videos about their practice on websites like YouTube and their own websites. Although sometimes graphic, these videos can help potential patients make a more informed and well-researched decision. Here are some reasons watching a plastic surgery video can be beneficial to consumers.

1. To better understand the procedure

Most people are aware of the before and after of plastic surgery, but few take the time to research the actual operation. It takes a very skilled surgeon to successfully perform any cosmetic procedure. By seeing firsthand the difficult and complex process, many patients become more aware of the importance of carefully selecting the right surgeon.

It's also wise to have some idea of exactly what will be happening while you're under anesthesia. The more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to make better decisions about the process.

2. Learn more about potential surgeons

YouTube and similar video websites can help you get a firsthand glimpse of a plastic surgeon's skills as well as his bedside manners. While watching it does the patient appear comfortable and relaxed? Is the surgeon confident and professional throughout the procedure and any other footage shown? The video can reveal more insight than stagnant before and after portfolios.

3. Information

Many plastic surgeons offer informative videos on their websites that discuss frequently asked questions about specific procedures, give examples or common complaints and solutions, and address a variety of other patient queries. Some people find visuals more helpful in aiding them in the decision-making process. By listening and seeing the plastic surgeon discuss a specific surgery, it may help answer more questions than just reading an article.

4. Tools of the trade

Considering breast augmentation but want a look to compare different types of implants side by side before visiting a plastic surgeon? Many plastic surgery websites and YouTube have video of surgeons demonstrating the pros and cons of different kinds of implants, sizes, and other devices used for cosmetic enhancement. This helps you prepare for the consultation. You'll be better prepared to ask questions and be able to follow the surgeon's explanation of the procedure.

5. More Comfort

Still uneasy or uncomfortable thinking about visiting a plastic surgery? It isn't easy to visit a plastic surgeon to discuss a sensitive subject, and in some cases, strip naked and have your body examined. For some people, seeing YouTube visuals on plastic surgery and consultations may help put them at ease so they may confidently book their own appointments.

You also won't feel so alone in your pursuit for cosmetic enhancement. Many people find friends and family can be unsupportive and even critical of their decision. Seeing videos of the many people who have successfully undergone surgery can be helpful.

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