Plastic Surgery – How On-Line Videos Benefit Patients and Plastic Surgeons

By | February 10, 2017

This is an Internet-based society. We shop, work, go to school, socialize and seek information all from the comfort of our homes. People can do what would take them a full day of running around in a few hours without getting out of their pajamas. Businesses realize they must have an Internet presence if they want to succeed and plastic surgery is no different.

This industry goes beyond just clinic Web sites with FAQs and bios of their surgeons, they are showing actual video of procedures on their sites and also posting them on YouTube, which has a huge presence on the Net. The benefits of this tactic are enormous for both you as a patient and for your surgeon.

Here's why:

* Private-Deciding to get plastic surgery is a very personal matter and you may not feel completely comfortable talking about it yet. Being able to get information and actually watch a procedure at home allows you the chance to get comfortable before ever talking to a surgeon.

* Informed-These videos are very informative. There is an explanation by the doctor and then the actual plastic surgery procedure is shown. By seeing exactly what happens can help allay your fears. Knowing what to expect when you go under the knife also helps reduce your anxiety level. Sometimes, you may even get to see testimonials from the patients about their experience. The best part is that you can go back and watch it as many times as you want.

* Prepared-Watching a video on-line gives you an opportunity to think of and write down all the questions you want to ask during your consultation. You can organize your thoughts and write down points of anxiety and doubt. Go into the consultation with your notebook of issues. This is the best way to make sure you address everything that came to mind during the demonstration.

All of this helps the surgeon as well because you come into the consultation with some idea about the procedure and what questions you want to ask. This saves you both time and it helps ensure that you have a thorough consultation. It also makes his job easier when you are feeling relaxed and confident because you are informed.

After watching a demonstration on the Internet, you have to choose the right person for the job. Always verify his credentials by making sure he is board certified in plastic surgery. Also, make sure he answers all of the questions you have come prepared with to your satisfaction. If you don't feel comfortable with him, keep looking.

This is a sensitive issue and you want someone who can put you at ease. Usually, you can get a pretty good idea about potential surgeons from their on-line videos that accompany the surgical demonstration.

Maryland plastic surgery videos can be seen on the surgeon's websites and also on YouTube, which informative and help you prepare thoroughly for the preliminary consultation. Visit

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