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By | March 7, 2017

The Nintendo Wii came out last year and the demand for it is still high. Accessories for the Nintendo Wii have also come out and many have been bought to enable proper and convenient gaming and usage of the gaming console. The Nintendo Wii zapper is another accessory that has been modified to fit the Wii. The zapper is a sort of case for the remote, which you can use to control the movement of your Wii in some games. The most recent Nintendo Wi zapper is a shell for the remote and Nan chuck accessories of the gaming console.

Brief History of the Nintendo Wii Zapper

The Nintendo Wii zapper has always been available with the earlier versions of the Nintendo Entertainment System. With the release of the new Wii gaming console, the company decided to make a new version of the Nintendo Wii zapper. In the E3 of the year 2006, a slim looking prototype of the zapper to accompany the Wii was unveiled. It looked like a pistol, very similar to the earlier zappers. In the year 2007 E3, a different Wii zapper was unveiled and this is what is now being used for the Wii system.

Complaints about the Nintendo Wii Zapper

Some of the more common complaints regarding the Nintendo Wii zapper focus more on the design of the product. Many have expressed disappointment regarding the way that the most recent Nintendo Wii zapper looks like and handles. The complaints are mostly due to the trigger mechanism where one needs to regulate the pressure of the trigger finger.

Pressure that is too strong can alter the shell's plastic case and also access some of the buttons. The accessibility of the Wiimote when it is mounted on the zapper shell is also brought into question. Many have complaints about how inaccessible the Wimote is especially when playing games with the Nintendo Wii zapper like CoD and also Red Steel.

Plus Side of the Nintendo Wii Zapper

Credits to the Nintendo Wii zapper include the durability of the material used for the product and also the design. The grips are well conforming to the hands and they are not slippery due to the grip textures in crucial places.

In spite of having good points to its credit, the Wii zapper falls short of the expectation of many consumers. Although, the price is relatively affordable enough to buy one and not use it in the long run, it is still a waste of money to buy one.

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