News And Views From A London Interior Design Company – Victorian Revivals

By | March 26, 2017

The Victorian era covers the period 1837-1901. During this time, Queen Victoria ruled England from her throne in London's celebrated Buckingham Palace. She was not known as an interior designer herself, but during her reign there was a revival of all sorts of design ideas from the past. Interior design companies of the time brought together an impressive collection of styles to create what came to be known as the Victorian aesthetic. These interior design companies borrowed ideas from Goth, Rococo, Baroque, and Neoclassic contexts. The Victorian style was the first to really bring the work of interior design companies into the mainstream. No longer just the domain of wealthy Londoners, the reach of the profession began to stretch throughout the empire – allowing even people with more modest incomes to get the elaborate interior decorations that they really craved.

It was the Victorian era that ushered in the age of mirrors and beautifully ornamented mahogany, oakwood and metal furniture. Many of London's best interior design companies during that time were asked to focus on design that was sturdy in appearance but high in comfort. Brass lamps were very fashionable, and homeowners craved the latest in etched glass window blinds. Dark colors were everywhere, and interior design companies would often respond to requests for rich royal reds and heavy greens.

London's most famous interior design companies in the Victorian era tended to focus on living rooms and front parlours. These needed to be very formal, with opulent fabric-ensconced sofas (see my article on the Chesterfield for more) and chaise longues with ridgebacked recliners. Luxurious velvets, silks and tapestry-style textiles featured intricate beadwork and knotted cords with tufted heads.

Victorian interior design companies often fielded requests for pretty and frilly lace curtains to serve as windowblinds. The Victorians prized modesty and, especially in London, it was necessary to cover windows completely to make sure that people on the streets outside could never look in.

Formal dining rooms in the Victorian era featured oversized dining tables and upright chairs. Interior design companies of those decades would often receive requests from clients who had huge collections of artwork, books or ornaments. Upper-class London gentlemen would crave fabulous display shelving in rich mahogany to show off their treasured possessions. Bedrooms would be replete with dense, ornamented beds in subdued varnished wood, together with weighty chests of drawers. For London ladies, powder rooms and cloakrooms were essential as the Victorians loved to spend time beautifying their appearances.

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