Making Use of Flash Videos on Your Web Page

By | February 18, 2017

Nowadays, using flash videos on your web page has become very popular. This is because a video is the most effective visual aid there is, it holds the attention of the viewers much longer than text does.

You can see all sorts of videos that can be thought of by men if you surf on YouTube. Try to look for instructional materials on how to do this and how to do that, from computer tutorials to cooking demonstrations. You can also find real estate videos showcasing houses and their amenities. Aside from that, you can best find product videos for different goods as well.

These were uploaded on this video hosting site are usually linked or embedded to a blog, a social networking site, and many other types of web sites. You can also find other sites that cater to this type of service.

Why should we use a flash video rather than using other formats for your website? Below are some reasons for using flash.

Flash should make sense if your target is to have a lot of people as you can muster that is capable of playing your video. Ninety seven percent of online users have already installed the flash player from Macromedia (now owned by the makers of Adobe). Therefore, using this format is your best option; users don’t need to install a new player in order to view your video.

When using a flash video, the user doesn’t have to select a player and speed of Internet connection to be able to watch the video. Flash player will automatically choose the features that will suit the connection speed of the user’s equipment.

When you are utilizing other types of video formats, the logo of the entity that made the player is marked on it. Whereas with flash player, you can customize it with your own logo and colors, this would make you more credible to your potential clients.

Posting a video to a web page using other formats can become really cumbersome; you have to go through a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. Posting it is like adding text or images when it comes to a flash video.

On the plus side, flash videos are more vibrant. You can do a lot of things such as adding text, photos and then animate it. Flash also streams much faster than the other formats because the file is lighter. Users easily get bored of waiting for a video to load and would click on something else.

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