Making Money With Your Own Garden

By | April 13, 2017

Recently I visited a local fresh produce market that is based on the small farm where they grow all their produce on site. I have heard about this place from many of my friends and I decided to go visit it and I found myself talking with the owner about how she achieved this. This idea to make money is an efficient and easy one. When many of us are thinking about different ways to make money I doubt that looking into your own garden comes into mind. That is how it all started for this successful business owner; I had the luck to talk with.

One thing that most people like to do as a hobby is to tend to their own personal garden. Many like to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs and spices in their gardens. This can assure you know where your food is coming from and you can regulate the types of chemicals used on your foods. Many believe that this is the only way to achieve true organic produce. That is what the founder for this business decided and she turned her simple hobby into a very profitable business.

How to get started is very simple. If you already have a small garden that is producing good produce for yourself, than all you have to do is to expand some more. How this owner got started was by creating crops that are simple to grow and that could be brought to local farmers markets. That is the huge key, getting out to a market where you can start to show your produce and sell at reasonable prices if not lower than what local chains are selling these goods at. Every farmers market is different and expanding out to other markets in the area my help you sell more of certain specified products after you get a feel for what people will buy.

After you have done this and have become knowledgeable about the process the next step would be to start to expand larger. Look into land where you will be allowed to harvest your own crops and have more space to rotate crops. The owner said that you need to understand the seasons for each crop and that you will only be able to harvest at certain times of the year depending on what you are growing. Different crops take different nutrients from the soil so you need space to be able to rotate crops to keep healthy nutrient rich soil. After you have set up shop so to speak, she recommends to start selling specialty items. Homemade pies, jams and cakes for example. All made from your own fresh produce is what can also help keep you in business from season to season.

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