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By | April 14, 2017

It's an unfortunate reality that many persons work just to receive a pay cheque, as they find their regular nine-to-five jobs tedious and unfulfilling. Before the industrial revolution ushered in the concept of paid task labour, workers used to get satisfaction from earning from professions that suited their personalities and natural talents.

Although our modern-day economy doesn't readily allow all employees to achieve their dream occupations, it's still possible to successfully turn a hobby into a means of earning money. I like to encourage persons who are searching for part-time income opportunities to look for ways to profit from their passions and pastimes.

One leisure pursuit that can lead to a very rewarding income source is taking care of animals. If you find pleasure from working with members of the animal kingdom, then you might find one of the following alternatives appealing.

Ornamental Fish Rearing

Decorative fish are not only exquisite to look at, they are big business. There is an increasing demand for ornamental fish, not just for local enthusiasts, but for the export market. Improvements in fish-rearing technology now allow you to raise fish cost-effectively in a relatively small space. Contact the Jamaica Ornamental Fish Farmers Association at the Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture if you need to learn more about this opportunity.

Exotic Bird Rearing

Raising beautiful birds is another prospective source of part-time revenue. With more persons living in apartments and confined spaces, the desire for small pets is growing. Birds are usually appealing to children, so they also make great gifts. Some exotic birds such as parrots are protected under Jamaican laws, so be careful to research the relevant legislations and follow the established practices that govern bird rearing.

Dog Breeding

It seems that Jamaicans are eagerly embracing the dog-loving culture of our North American neighbours, and this development opens up several income-generating possibilities. No longer satisfied with the basic mongrel variety, many dog aficionados are demanding quality breeds and are willing to pay top dollar for them. If you would like to turn your love for raising dogs into a means of earning extra money, you can get more details from the Jamaica Kennel Club at

Obedience Training

Fans of the hit National Geographic television show, The Dog Whisperer will realise the tremendous earning possibilities available for talented dog trainers. Whether they are playful pint-sized pooches or aggressive attack animals, it appears that many pet dogs need to be properly socialised to behave appropriately. If you instinctively communicate well with animals, then obedience training might be an exciting option for you.

Dog Grooming

While dog lovers may enjoy the company of their pets, the extra work involved in grooming them may definitely be outsourced to others. In fact, some businesses make a fortune catering to the hygiene needs of pampered animals. Even if you don't have specialised training in trimming and sprucing up fancy dogs, you can still participate in this process by offering a dog-bathing service to friends, neighbours and elderly dog owners.

Pet Supplies

Surfing the Internet for pet supply stores will reveal a wide array of items that have been created to make animals' lives more pleasurable. Whether you agree with these frivolous shopping choices or not, the reality is that there is a market for supplying some of these products to dedicated pet-owners. With some creativity, you could even design and produce some of these pet gadgets locally.

Animal Shows

The entertainment options at most children's birthday parties tend to be very similar – inflated bounce-a-bouts and standard clown acts. If you have a pet whose quirks and actions usually bring joy to youngsters, how about creating a unique animal act? An exotic bird that talks or a dog that does cute tricks might provide you with a very engaging performance and an entertaining way to earn.

Pet Photography

Pets bring a lot of satisfaction to their owners, and many people form deep bonds with their animals. Some persons treat their pets just like children, and would be happy to preserve the memories of their pets for posterity. If you have a knack for photography and a little patience, you could provide a pet portrait service. Look for an online source for picture frames, key rings and other memorabilia that would complement your photos.

Pet Sitting / Boarding

One of the challenges for owners whose animals become part of their families is how to care for their pets when they have to leave home for long periods. Some house dogs even get agitated when their owners go off to work! Why not offer a pet-sitting service to take care of animals in their owners' absence? If you have the yard space, you could even provide a boarding facility for longer stays.

With a little creativity and a clear understanding of customer needs, you can create many other income sources from working with animals.

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