Make Money From Your Writing Talent With Craigslist

By | October 25, 2016

Are you an author who is having a hard time to make ends meet? If so, you have to find new paying clients and paid jobs. There are great deals of locations you can find these, including So how can you generate income on Craigslist?

Compose Craigslist Advertisements for Pay

Lots of individuals wish to generate income offering their undesirable goods on Craigslist, however they have a couple of problems. These people do not have web gain access to, don't understand ways to use Craigslist, or just do not desire to trouble with the entire hassle. This is your chance to make loan. You can do two things. Either offer to write somebody a professional article for whatever it is they need to cost a set cost, like $ 1 or $ 2. Or you can handle all inquires too. This needs more than just investing 5 minutes writing a couple of paragraphs, so charge more. The majority of people choose to only handle large items, like utilized cars and trucks, and take a percentage of the final asking price.

Advertise Your Services as a Freelance Author

Craigslist has a services offered area. This is where you wish to develop a post that states you are a freelance writer and going to do all different types of jobs. State your specializeds, like articles, post, news release and so forth. You should also include samples of your work or link to samples that can be discovered online. People who need your services, whether they are a site owner looking for articles or an entrepreneur looking for promotional write-ups, you can get customers and loan by doing this. Best yet, you get to pick and select the clients you accept.

Browse Paid Gigs on Craigslist likewise has a gig area. You will find a great deal of writing jobs here. Exactly what is needed can depend. You might discover a website owner who requires more articles, a local business owner who needs a news release, a magazine who is accepting submissions from freelance authors and more. The only issue is that many article scammers have actually started targeting Craigslist. What they do is take your articles, don't spend for them, and run. In your shoes, a lot of writers do small batches of short articles at a time or demand half of the payment in advance.

As you can see, there are many ways to make loan on Craigslist with your composing talents and these are just 3 of your choices! Because you work as a freelance author and from house, you can earn money working for someone across the country. Download and use a Craigslist search tool to browse all Craigslist for writing tasks (something you can' do on

Click on this link to try a Craigslist search program; let the Craigslist Reader help you discover composing tasks on Craigslist.

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