Make a Website – How Much Money Will it Make From AdSense?

By | March 12, 2017

Are you planning on creating a website and making big money by placing advertisements on it? You might have visions of great wealth due to the hype on the internet about AdSense. It is easy they say – just create a website and in no time you will be making tonnes of money as people hypnotically click on your ads. That might happen – but most likely it will not. Most likely for the first few months you will be playing with pennies.

There are 3 factors that determine how much money you will make with AdSense:

Ad placement and appearance
Targeted Traffic


You can build the best store in the city, with the best products and the lowest prices, but if nobody visits then you will fail. For you to make any money with advertisements you need traffic. You need people to visit your website. Compared to creating your website, getting traffic is the hard part.

There is no point in putting up the advertisements before you start getting traffic to your website. As a rule of thumb around 1 in a 100 visitors will click on an ad. So if you are getting 10 visitors a day then you will have 1 click every 10 days.

Ad placement and appearance

There are right places and wrong places to put the ads on the website. Google recommends that you place it ‘above the fold'. The fold is the top part of your website which is visible when the page opens – the part that is visible without the need to scroll down. Also Google recommends that you try to blend it in with the content. Place it above the content or right beside it. Basically anywhere the visitors eyes are most likely to go.

Tests have been done of high traffic websites proving that simply by changing the position and appearance of the ads the revenue can increase by 100%.

Targeted traffic

If you have a website about gerbils then you want people who are interested in gerbils to visit your site. AdSense places ads on your website based on the content of the website. So a gerbil website will have ads about gerbils.

Traffic from Facebook and Twitter is usually not targeted traffic. Visitors from these site have a wide range of interests and most likely have no interest in gerbils. So even if you get 500 visitors from Facebook on your website, none of them will click on your gerbil ads.

On the other hand, traffic from a search engine is very targeted traffic. People do a search for gerbil and find your site. They are interested in gerbils and they will click on an interesting ad. Targeted traffic makes all the difference. 10 targeted visitors are worth way more the 100 non-targeted visitors – especially for a niche specific website like gerbils.

How much money will your website make with AdSense

Who knows how much you will make but I can tell you how much I have made. When I started my website I was aware of the above. I made sure to place the ads in the right place and to focus on targeted traffic.

Here are the stats:

Website live for: 172 days (just under 6 months)
Total visitors: 9003
Total Revenue from AdSense: $ 141.30

By following the above recommendations within the first 5 months, based on my website, you can expect to make about 81 cents a day. Or to put it another way 1.5 cents per visitor.

On my website I have documented the revenue generated from AdSense to give you an exact dollars amount. For more information about creating, maintaining and making money from a website have a look at – Learn by example.

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