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By | February 15, 2017

Started with an idea of making a dating site through videos, no one would have imagined that youtube will become one of the most trusted resource of videos and a global platform for people to share videos. In the mid of 90s, Jawed Karim, a student at St. Paul's Central High School came up with the idea and after the failure of his original idea, sold the website to Google for $ 1.65 billion in late 2006.

Google changed the face of youtube videos with the introduction of numerous options. Essentially based on sharing, it was natural for the website to take an interactive shape. While people can upload their videos they can also interact with others all across the globe. You need to be a registered user to view all the youtube videos available. If you are a guest user, you may have to sacrifice few videos. This is done as a security measure and also to involve people little further.

Youtube is a secure medium and strictly abides by international rules and regulations. Therefore people of all ages and diverse interest find youtube of great source of information, news and entertainment. With time, youtube videos have taken a form of library, where users come and refer to videos of their interests. Sports enthusiasts watch games, clips, tournaments and every possible telecast on youtube which perhaps would not be available anywhere else.

Youtube videos are a paradise for music and movie lovers. You will find videos related to any topic, every concert, performances, movies in parts, short films, ads and more. The video quality of youtube is good enough for PC viewing and the speed at which you can stream videos won't make you feel restless. Recently, youtube took a great leap with live streaming of sporting events.

Youtube videos are also a great platform where amateurs can exhibit their talent. For example, a budding guitarist will make a video at home and can upload on youtube, where many people would be able to acknowledge the talent and comment on to make the piece better. While photographs are easy to mail and share, it is difficult for videos to share. There Youtube Videos play an important role and friends and family can watch videos in all parts of the world.

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