How You Can Make Money With Domain Names?

By | January 6, 2017

By reading this article you will learn of how you can make an income with domain names. The people can not have a website without a domain. So how can you take advantage of this and make some awesome profit. Before I answer that question I just want to talk about facts about the Internet. You see many people are coming into the Internet like crazy because people want to own some property on the Internet they want to have a feeling of home when they log on the Internet to a social site or some website they created. Is like when you come home from work and you are tire so you just throw your self on your couch and just turn the TV and be lazy or call your friends on the phone and talk thrash. Some other people go on the Internet for business reasons and they want to promote themselves. Many people create websites with a dot com, biz, net or dot org. So this is where you can come in with a solution.

Here is why this is an awesome idea because it has been research that in 5 to 6 years more than five hundred million people will start building their website like I said before for personal reasons or business reasons. Not only that but there are over 1.5 billion people all over the world who have access to the Internet world wide.

Oh but wait they can get a domain with some other web hosting company how can I compete? Relax you can make money no matter what the competition looks like. How? And Why? Like I have mention before what you have to do is solve a need and here is how you can assist your customers.

Make it easy for them to build a website and give them a domain name. Start with a low price because the lower your prices with a better service the more people will come to you. People want to build a website but no body wants to have a hard time doing so. If you can help people build a website with ease they will love and you can charge them something like $ 10 to $ 9 a month why not. Not only that but you can have many template that they can choose from for their website or they can import a template by pasting a code.

I am making this sound as if you were going to be a web designer and you would have to go back to school. NO! In fact this has already been done for you all you have to do is go with the program and get your name out there because creating a small business online is easy these days all you need is a small budget. Anyways the idea of making money with some simple domain names is quite simple yes but you need something new. As I had mentioned earlier the dot com, net, info, biz or dot org web domains have already been taken. So what can you. Come up with something new… is what I mean. For example: a website this dot com stands for commercial and dot org stands for organization. So create something regular for people something that is not commercial or an organization or a business. Something new that everyone could use that can just be a website that they own.

Create a new dot whatever your idea is and sell it you can make fortunes with this idea. So why am I just giving this idea away I will tell you why. Because I want people to do more than just survive in this economy and I wish for you to be able to have a great income to feed your family and so your home wont go bank robe. Also because obviously there are not enough jobs out there for the population so some of us need to create our own jobs. You have to make your self a paycheck because the rules of money have changed and retirement just does not exist anymore. So this idea of making money with domain names is my gift to you.

An idea I thought I could share with people in this economy.

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