How to Upload Your Videos to Blog or Youtube??

By | July 12, 2016

. How to submit your videos to blog or youtube??
< br/ > . Increasingly more people are now sharing their video files on their blogs. And a great deal of them utilize Youtube to assist submit video files. However, the uploaded video files using Youtube may have commercials and there is likewise a 100MB file size limitation. Also, you can not edit your video files and have to publish the full video file even if you simply want to use a clip from a video file.
< br/ > . Now you can use Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder to transform your video submits to FLV files with much smaller sized file sizes and directly submit the transformed FLV files to your server from its FTP upload function. . [b] Action 1: Import and trim video file [/b] . Click the Browse icon to import the video file you wish to place on your blog site. If you just wish to publish a clip from your video file, Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder also permits you to trim your video file and capture the clip you wish to publish. To trim your video, you can simply drag the Start Time bar and completion Time bar to set the start and completion of the clip, or inspect the “Set begin time and end time” choice and set the Start Time value and End Time value. .

. [b] Step 2: Edit Video [ /

b] . Some video files have black edges around its video. You can cut off the black edges at the Edit step of Video to Flash Encoder. To crop the video, you can either drag the yellow frame around the video or adjust the crop values: Up, Down, Left and Right.


. If you wish to set video effects, Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder lets you set video brightness, contrast and saturation, and enables you to apply an unique result.

. [b] Action 3: Select a design template [ /

b] . This program likewise provides you with design templates to customize the final FLV file and control its playback. You can decide to use a player template or a general template. If you choose a gamer design template, there are numerous integrated templates of various styles for your option and you can even include URL to with the “Advanced” settings. If you select a basic template, the program lets you include a film intro and a film end to your video. See the figure below:


. [b] Step 4: Transform and publish [/b] . After the above 3 actions, you can simply click the Publish tab, pick an output format, check the “FTP Upload” choice, fill in the FTP information and click the Start Encode button. After the conversion, the final Flash files will be instantly uploaded to your blog. See the figure listed below:


. [b] Tip 1: Include a pre-loader [ / b] . . A pre-loader will make your Flash file extremely expert. Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder provides you with several designs of integrated pre-loaders for your choice and lets you add photos as the pre-loader. This feature is very useful for both house users and business users.
< br/ > . At the Publish step, click the Settings button to open the Setting window, and click the Preloader tab to add and edit a pre-loader. See the figure below:

. [b] Suggestion 2: Add a hyperlink [/b] . If you wish to link your Flash file to a site, this program enables you to add either an image link or a text connect to your Flash file.
< br/ > . At the Publish action, click the Settings button to open the Setting window, click the Hyperlink tab, and select to add an image link or a text link. See the figure listed below: .

. If you have actually decided to utilize a player template, you can also include links to your Flash file by click the Advanced button in the Playback pane. Then you will discover two alternatives to include links:

. Open a URL on mouse click: Open a site when an audience clicks on your Flash file.
< br/ > . Automobile open a URL after playback: Open a site right after the playback of your Flash file.
< br/ > . You can select either or both of these 2 options. .

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