How to upload and edit YouTube videos

By | June 22, 2016

Video editing generally requires installing software application packages and having a reasonable quantity of technical savvy. However now YouTube have actually introduced its new YouTube Video Editor which allows you to produce video mashups and modify down clips from your library of existing YouTube video uploads. Here we will walk you through how to publish and modify the YouTube videos with the YouTube Video Editor.

Convert videos to the very best video format for YouTube uploading To utilize this YouTube Video Editor all you require is your YouTube account and a few of your very own YouTube video uploads, as the YouTube Video Editor does not let you modify other user's product. So you need to upload the videos to YouTube website first. If you do not think your video file is supported by YouTube, you may get the finest YouTube video uploading results from converting videos to the finest YouTube video file format with iFunia Video Converter Pro for Mac.

First you need to download and set up iFunia Video Converter Pro for Mac, after that click on the “Add” button to include the videos which you desire to submit to YouTube. You may add as numerous videos as you want for batch conversion. This program likewise has a built-in video editing tool. You can crop the video to get rid of black sides, cut the video and add text or image watermark. To start the video conversion action, simply pick the format you want and strike “Start” to start the YouTube video conversion on Mac.
Now you have transform the videos to the YouTube supported video format, you can begin uploading videos to YouTube, very first login your YouTube account and press the “Browse” button to locate the YouTube video file on your computer system then push the “Upload Video” button, the quantity of time required to publish a video depends upon your internet connection speed and the size of the video you're uploading. It can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a number of hours.

Edit YouTube videos with YouTube Video Editor To obtain to the YouTube Video Editor, you can either head to TestTube (a directory of YouTube's Skunk Functions jobs) and click the “try it now” option, or check out the direct editor link. When you sign in to the YouTube Video Editor, you'll see a video tab with the videos you simply upload and an audio tab where you can select music tracks for your new masterpiece. To start the YouTube video editing, simply click and drag your videos down to the editing panel (where the cam icon is).

< br/ > To add clips to your video you can drag them from the “my videos” area, down to the time line, or you can hit the plus icon that's in each clip's top right-hand man corner. In case you're unsure exactly what a clip contains, you can mouse over it and strike the play icon to view the entire thing without leaving the page.

When you hover over the clips you've chosen for editing, click the scissor icon to release your video in a pop-up window. From there, you can shorten or extend your clip by moving the sliders listed below the main video window. When you're done, just hit save, and the YouTube Video Editor will immediately merge your edited clip with the next video in your series.

To view the edit you remain in the development of making, you can just hit the play button and it will start anywhere you set your in point. Work the start and end points into the areas where you want them, then hit conserve to finish the edit for that particular clip.

Add music to YouTube videos with the YouTube Video Editor (optional)
If you desire to utilize a music soundtrack for your YouTube videos instead of the tape-recorded sound you got while filming, you can click on the audio tab at the leading to reveal YouTube's AudioSwap library. AudioSwap includes “tens of thousands of songs” that you can easily use in your YouTube Video Editor. All you need to do is pick a song and either drags it down to the soundtrack editor or simply press the plus sign to the right of each title.

You should likewise note that some AudioSwap tracks are subject to licensing arrangements, which implies YouTube may consist of advertisements when specific tracks are used. You also cannot modify the AudioSwap track, so the tune will just play from the start till your video stops.

< br/ > Once you have finished the YouTube video editing, you simply give it a title, and struck release, YouTube will takes care of the rest. Bear in mind that the new YouTube Video Editor is still a work in development, so you may get hit with a few bugs as you attempt it out.

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