How To Turn Blogging Into Money With Google AdSense

By | April 17, 2017

It's amazing to think that there are so many people out there blogging on their favorite topics and making a living at it.  If you love to write blogs, you may be wondering, “How can I turn my blog into cash?”  There are several different strategies for monetizing blogs.  Let's look at one of the most common methods – using Google AdSense.


What Is Google AdSense?


One of the oldest and easiest ways to make money with a blog is Google AdSense.  These are the little ads that pop up on blogs and websites that are sponsored by Google.  They offer things that are relevant to the blog's keywords.  When somebody clicks on that link, whether they actually buy anything or not, Google pays you for it.  In the internet marketing world, this is called PPC, or “pay per click” advertising, because you get money each time somebody clicks on it.


What You Have To Do To Make Money With Google AdSense


The first step is to fill your blog with content.  You should do this before you start worrying about traffic.  The key here is to offer valuable, high quality content that really helps the reader.  If you're not a great writer yourself, or if you consider writing a chore, hire an article ghost writer to do it for you.  This way, you simply pay them for batches of articles, post them on the blog, and you're finished.


The next step is to direct traffic to your blog.  There are lots of strategies for doing this, but the key is to have lots of backlinks leading back to your blog.  This increases your ranking in the search engines.  Make your content keyword optimized, and people will find your blog when they look for your topic.  While you're working on getting tons of traffic, you'll still have to keep updating your blog with new posts, so keep that article ghost writer handy.


The Downside Of Google AdSense


The only trouble with Google AdSense is that lots of readers have started ignoring them.  Since they're everywhere, lots of people just tune them out.  This means that if you're going to go this route, you'll need to really get lots of traffic in order to see results.  If you get 30 or 40 visitors a day, you won't even make a couple bucks a day with AdSense.  You've really got to have a high traffic blog for this to work.


Google AdSense is just one way of monetizing a blog.  There are lots of others, but remember that it's all about content.  If your blog offers your readers value, then you can start offering them products and deals, and this will earn you money.

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