How to Make Money with the Internet

By | March 3, 2017

If you have a computer you already have the hardware to make money using the internet. If you have the internet and a fast computer or laptop you can set up a blog or website that will impart great words of wisdom or ordinary words of advice. You can use a blog to get a travel blog going about a specific place or country all you have to do is start it and then get some traffic coming to that website. This may be a slow go but in the end you have the opportunity to make some money with that blog or website.

If you are going to design a website you should get it going as soon as possible because it may take weeks to get visitors and even longer to get a lot of visitors. But as soon as you get it up on the internet it may begin to generate some traffic. You want that website to begin to show up on the google search other search engine. In fact google has free advice on their website as to getting traffic and loads of other information. There are also free websites that will take you through the steps of setting up your own website or blog.

Another way to make money on the internet is to freelance either through another company that has customers or get some of your own customers like a corporate customer. This is the same as going out to look for a job except you are looking for a job via the internet and your work will be performed on the internet. So your clients or your employers could be anywhere in the world and not necessarily in the country where you reside.

Of course you can get noticed if you go on the blogs or websites of others and then contribute informative or creative information or comments that get their interest in you going and then direct them to your blog or website. You may even get an offer from the blog originator that you do some work for them. All it takes is exposure and some creativity and taking the time to actually do it. If you have a blog you can also ask for donations to keep your blog going. There are some blogs and websites that do that successfully. Then there are some blogs like a photo blog where the originator started taking street pictures of what people were wearing in various major cities ultimately he got a job actually taking the pictures for quit a few fashion magazines. This did not happen overnight and he does take great pictures but it is all about perseverance and finally success.

There are a lot of travel and cooking blogs around where the originators or monitors do make an income from their blogs or websites. Mostly because they have a good one and it gets noticed. If your blog gets mentioned on one of the social networking sites you may have instant success.

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