How to Make Money Using Facebook

By | December 31, 2016

If you're with an MLM or internet marketing company, social media can be one great way to gain new prospects for your online business. There's no real secret to doing so… it's simply a matter of networking, being polite, and not pushing your business all over people.

I find that one of the biggest problems with networking on Facebook is exactly that… others who are promoting their own businesses like to push their opportunities all over you. This tends to be annoying, and simply isn't a great marketing technique as it will just turn people off. The best way to find prospects is to add friends in the home-based business industry. It's no secret that there are plenty of poor home-based business opportunities out there, and a lot of members of social media sites are promoting them. Members of such programs may be looking for a new opportunity… and that's where you come in.

No offense to any MLM'ers out there, but many of these people tend to be in the MLM business. The attrition rate in MLM right now is not good… most newcomers to MLM quit the company they joined within their first 90 days. Join home-based business groups, MLM groups, internet marketing groups, and so on, and add members to your friends list. This is not the time to send your new friend a link to your website or tell them about your business opportunity. Simply send a message such as “Hi John, I see you're a member of ‘so and so' group. I'm looking to network with like-minded people… I hope you accept me as a friend”. If they decide to ask you about your business, then go ahead and discuss it… but let them come to you about it as opposed to the other way around.

Your Facebook profile should state who you are and what your business is (with a link or two to your websites). Posting in group topics with useful home-business information, or posting your blog feed to your profile can help to establish you as a credible home-business owner with some great knowledge to share… which might intrigue people to know more about what it is you do. Having the entire profile dedicated to business can be a turn-off to potential prospects however, so personalize it with pictures and information about yourself and show people who you really are.

Using Facebook or other social media sites will be much more profitable for you if you're with a top-tier internet marketing company where any lead could generate a potential commission in the thousands of dollars. You're additionally limited to I think 5000 friends or so on Facebook, so leads are not endless. It's 100% free however, so whoever you're with, make a profile and start prospecting.

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