How to Make Money on Amazon – Tips!

By | September 2, 2016

I've had a store on Amazon for almost a year now. It didn't become profitable till about 2 months back. So I've in fact lost cash for about 8 successive months lol.
< br/ > I understood it had potential I just had to find out how to stop the bleeding!

So I wished to publish some tips for you all so that you can avoid the pain and start earning money on amazon.

· You HAVE to discover an item that is not plastered all over amazon. Most drop shippers have individuals already marketing their products. If more than a single person has the exact same item it ends up being a cost war and both parties keep reducing their price to obtain the sale. Eventually it specifies where you're making $ 1 per sale. Certainly NOT worth it!

· Your drop carrier needs to support their product and spend for return shipment of harmed products. If they don't spend for it, YOU will. The last thing you desire is a dissatisfied client. Amazon will close your account actually quickly if you get grievances.

· Your drop shipper has to be timely. I had a couple of carriers that would wait weeks to ship their items. I wound up sending out a lot of free products because individuals had to wait so long. Perhaps I'm just a big softy. but if they do not ship it, don't work for them!

· Do not extend yourself too thin. I do not recommend having more than 200 items on Amazon. When I began I had 3,000 items on there due to the fact that I believed Id make more. WRONG! With that many products you cannot stay up to date with what the maker has in stock. I got in trouble genuine quick because Id get a purchase and then discover there was not stock. If you cancel a lot of orders amazon will close you down. Not to point out, your customers won't enjoy and you will not generate income on amazon.

· When uploading your items double check EVERYTHING. I can't tell you how numerous times I lost cash due to the fact that I forgot to put an absolutely no in or I simply flat out put the wrong rate in since I remained in a hurry. Some clients got some REAL inexpensive stuff from me haha.

· If you slip up, you spend for it. The re-peat customer deserves it and you'll feel much better for doing the best thing.

· Create a site for each line of product. Its free through amazon. Do not compile all your items onto one website. When I started I put all my 3000 products onto one site haha. Do not do it!

Well those are the main tips! I have way more information however if Ii wrote all of it out Id be composing a book. If you require help learning the best ways to make money on amazon, simply contact me through my site at

Have a good time!

To your success!!

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