How to Make Money in Your Neighborhood

By | February 11, 2017

Most of the time when it comes to making money it seems that people forget about their neighbors. Well the fact of the matter is that your very own neighbors can become a very lucrative investment in making money. Not only will this create a sense of community with your neighbors but it will allow you to actually talk to the people that surround you day in and day out. I noticed this the first time when an older gentleman that lived down the street from me approached me about house sitting for him. My first impression was “why me, why not a high school kid that lives down the street or the paper boy”. He wanted someone that was older and more mature to trust and actually be responsible for holding the key to his home. He did not have any close family to house sit why he was going to be in Europe so he said I would be doing him a huge favor. I didn't mind watering his garden and, mowing the lawn for two weeks and picking up his mail and newspaper ect. It was only two houses away from mine and I did that kind of stuff around my house anyway so it would not be much more work for me to do one more house.

After the two weeks had passed we had arranged for me to turn in his key to him a day after he got back. Truth be told he seemed a little on the cheap side to me so I did not expect to get anything for doing him this favor, it was just a favor. I was surprised to find out that he was so pleased that he handed me an envelope with $ 500 in it. I tried to return it and tell him it was no big deal but he insisted and would he offended if I didn't take it.

The next week I was approached by another neighbor around the corner from me who asked if I would be willing to do the same thing for her. Apparently my neighbor was so pleased with the work I had done around his house for him (trimming plants, watering, mowing, and bringing in the paper and mail) that he had been telling everyone he talked to what a great job I had done. She said she would pay me $ 1,000 up front for a week her family was going on vacation. That entire summer I would come home from work and I found myself home sitting for 8 of my neighbors. I made $ 7,800 over 3 months just doing basic house chores with the occasional neighbor that requested feeding and walking of the family pet. This was a great way to not only get to know my neighbors and help them out but also make some pretty good money. Ever since then I have always been the go to guy to take care of their homes in any situation. Still today at least once a month I get calls asking if I could do some kind of chore to help or to house sit. By doing this I have created a sense of community and trust among the people that live in our community. They know they can always depend on me. I also can't complain about the average $ 850 a month that I'm making by doing simple things for people in my neighborhood. I would recommend to get out there and talk to your neighbors it can do wonders for your money making.

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