How to Make Money For Kids

By | February 1, 2017

There has never been such an easy way for kids to make money as today. That is because the internet has provided many avenues for kids to utilize it just like adults do.

I am particularly talking about eBay. Don't worry. There really is not that much needed to learn. eBay makes it so easy. The hours and days are all for you to decide. The items to list can literally be found in your home. You would be absolutely amazed at what you can sell and how much people will pay for your used stuff.

Your kids can make several hundreds of dollars overnight. That is not an exaggerated statement. Some of the things that sell are used cell phones, used skate board style t-shirts and shoes, jeans, video games and much much more.

eBay has many many tutorials on how to sell. You can also utilize You Tube to for videos for step by step instructions on how to list an item. You will also need a PayPal account to receive the money. Setting up PayPal is also very easy. If you already have a PayPal account then you already a step ahead.

You will need to take photo's of your items. If you have a digital camera then you are set to go. The steps will go something like this.

Find the item you want to sell or search eBay first to see what sells.
Take a photo of the item with your digital camera and upload it to your computer.
Go to eBay and click on “sell your item.” You will register for free if it is your first time.
The screens take you step by step on how to list it including uploading the photo you just took.
If all looks good to you then you click “list your item” and your item is live.
Wait and enjoy the results being mindful of questions sellers may send you via email.
The winning bidder will pay you via PayPal where you can then transfer money to your account or request a check.

Kids have such an advantage today thanks to eBay. They not only learn how they can make money on the internet but they also learn the value of items they own. They will now treasure what they own instead of taking for granted and tossing items away.

It can be quite addicting to sell on eBay especially when you begin to be able to buy things for yourself thanks to the extra income.

The great thing for parents is this is all done from home so you can monitor your child's time consumed should that be any issue for you.

Brigitte Martinez is a long time eBay seller who shows people how to find items to sell from things they already own or by buying things from Thrift Stores at very cheap prices. She's made a nice side income selling from her home. Her new book Thrift Store Goldmines is getting rave reviews. It shows people what they can sell that costs them nothing to start as well as things around our home we already have that sell for a lot of money.

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