How to Double Your Podcast Subscribers in 30-Days

By | December 17, 2016

Most people who consume a podcast do so by playing it through a flash player on a webpage or by downloading it to their computer. The vast majority of those who consume a podcast still have no clue how to subscribe.

There are a few things you can do as a podcaster to double your subscribers in 30-days. Try these tips so you can see an increase in your audience numbers.

Offer a player on your podpage. Don't offer a download link as the only way to consume your podcast. That's way too frustrating as most audio podcasts average 15MB in size, while video podcasts can be between 50 to 100 MB. Let the person who stumbles on your podcast sample it by clicking an arrow and hearing or seeing your well produced product.
Always provide instructions in your podcast on how to subscribe. Thank those who are already subscribed, then sell the benefits of subscribing to the majority of people who are consuming your podcast via the player on your podpage.
Add a page to your podpage with step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe. iTunes is a podcatcher that most people are familiar with. Write up some instructions, create a separate page and then link to that page from the bottom of every post that contains your podcast episode.
End each post encouraging people to subscribe. A short blurb should follow your show notes in a different font (use the blockquote tag) that tells people how to subscribe.
Remove the Subscribe to Feed or Download Now options on your podpage. These make no sense. No one wants to download a clunky MP3 file to their computer, nor do they really know how to copy and paste a feed into a podcatcher. Typically, people will click on your podcast feed, see the XML or Feedburner page, and not know what to do next. Just remove these 2 options.
Provide only 1 or 2 subscribe chicklets on your sidebar. And only provide the ones where it's a simple one click process to subscribe. iTunes is probably the only chicklet I can recommend you list at the top of your sidebar. If you still want to give some love to the other directories you're listed in, list them towards the bottom of your sidebar or put them on a separate page.


First, get people to listen. Once they're listening, teach them how to subscribe. Don't assume that they know, instead, guide them step-by-step.


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