Blooom Review – Blooom Review and Bonuses by Mark Bishop

By | July 28, 2018

My name is Mark Bishop and I'm going to be taking you through the platform and talking about the plugin and why we've actually put this package together there first of all I should say that bloom is a combination of two elements so it's a plugin and it's training so why did we put bloom together in the first place well essentially it's because everything is very very difficult it's difficult for newbies it's difficult for people that don't understand tech and it's difficult for people that just want to build a simple passive evergreen business online so what we did is we kind of went back in term we found a couple of methods that worked really really well methods I personally used and we supercharge them so throughout bloom the message is simple keep it simple this is a business which anybody can build it's something that people can run with within hours and it's passive plus it's not a loophole so it's not going to disappear two weeks from now

The technology is not going to date within weeks it's a simple low-tech method which has been in use since people started marketing online it consists of content and monetization so number one the plug-in provides the content and let me show you that and now so you can see here the plug-in so every person that purchases bloom will get the plug-in and they will get the training so click here download the plug-in and then install the plug-in the same way as you would install any plug-in on any WordPress installation that will point out here that it does have to be an installation which the user actually owns so it has to be self hosted WordPress once installed on the WordPress installation you'll see the icon over on the left hand side so over on the menu bar left-hand side of your wordpress installation you'll see blim so simply click there and it will open up a screen which looks pretty much like this now there are a bunch of trending videos in here at the moment but this site is set up around the table mesh so we're going to keep everything targeted which really is the way to go especially when you follow the training so just for argument's sake I'm just going to put dog training in here so dog training did I spell that right I did here I'll do so I'm just going to leave the settings as default and click Submit so it really is as simple as putting in a fray sir and clicking submit now I'll explain what this plug-in does in just a second but let me just click this no and show you okay so it's going to return by a bunch of videos related to the search terms that I put in here now all of these are pulled from YouTube nothing else just YouTube so you can see if I just drive this screen over here it's returns a bunch of videos as I say related to this phrase they can see this one here is almost an hour long this one here just over 8 minutes but you know they vary some are better than others well the plug-in actually does in fact let me just show you now let's let's look at this one here so if I click on there wait for it to load so you can see what it does is it actually pulls content from the YouTube video now I know before you say a word I know there are ton of plugins which actually extract content from YouTube descriptions yeah you know it's been done a hundred times before but bloom is different it doesn't do it that way what it does is it actually takes a content from inside the video now what I mean by this is it uses closed captions and subtitles now the beauty of this method is you can pull all of the content all of the spoken content from within this video plus Google don't index closed caption or subtitles so what that means is unless this is written down which in most cases it won't be then you just pulled a unique post so what happens now is it pulls everything into WordPress let me just drag this green over before I do that so I should make this this recording larger but anyway I'll just drag it around and show you how it works so everything can be changed so first of all you've got the thumbnail there so you can change that change that to anything you want to if you want to change now you just click there then up here the headline and post title sorry you can change that and let me just drag this over this would be a good point to drag this over so you can see that you can actually spin the content so you can spin the content as it comes in you can make it more unique to you you can also credit the video so if you wanted to credit the YouTube video then you can do that right down here and I'll show you that in just a moment but anyway you can see here you have a complete post now you can you can mess about with this you can change it you can spin it you can add different elements to it you can break up the paragraphs you do pretty much anything you want with it but you can see that this just taking me a couple of seconds to drop in a post so let's say you had a dog training blog and you were looking for content instead of going out and paying to have somebody write it or writing it yourself or simply curating it from all over the web that's pretty much sharing everywhere so it's you know it's not going to do you any favors in terms of SEO what you're doing here is pulling unique content straight into your blog building a post straight away so you have a complete post there again you can edit it as much as you like so over here if you decide that you want to do credit or attribute this article or this post to this YouTube video then you just click here you can include the video in the post so if I click there I can do that I can include a thumbnail in the poster form I'm not gonna bother without at the moment no footy link so here you would put your call to action so let's just say I wanted to send everybody the clicks this link over to my blog I know it's not really relevant but sir sorry coupling the wrong one upset in here so if I just put so click here in there and that's really it you'll see down here a syndication of of your posts this is actually contained inside of an upgrade so you won't be able user in the front end it is part of an upgrade so we'll leave that for the time being and and then we'll just create a post okay so we've published up the night and again this was just doing it very very quickly but you can see they just pops into your post folder like so you could have saved it as draft if you wanted to but just for demonstration purposes I've just published it you can also see that it's pulled all of the tags so all of the tags from that YouTube video are pulled into your wordpress post and they're all here which is great for us yet now what I'm going to do now is just just pop over here and and just show you they the actual post itself okay so you can see the thumbnail up there again you could have changed that it's added the video you can you can actually change where that is so if you wanted it further down the post then you can do that inside of the editing suite and if you just like I say it's just a bunch of text because I didn't do anything with it we can see how quick this is so you can see that I've found I've attributed this post to youtube video that I found content inside of and if I click here tells me over to my block again completely I'm relevant but you get the idea and it says to demonstrate just how easy this is so as we all know content is in fact king it still is yet there's lots and lots of tak about but you can see just how easy this plug-in is to produce unique content you can build a block you can build a post you can do it all in minutes so if you work part-time at internet marketing and if all you have is just a few minutes per day to build your block then this is the perfect solution now blue the plug-in it's a standalone plug-in it works all by itself so if you don't want to use our monetization technique then go ahead use a plug-in on any blog you own as a standalone content generating tool you've seen how quick it is obviously you know that was a bit haphazard it wasn't a great looking post because I didn't chop into paragraphs I didn't do anything with it it was just there really to show you how quick it could be done if you were in a rush but obviously if you have a blog if you're growing an authority blog then you spend you know a couple more minutes on it but it really is as simple as that now let's talk about the monetization technique so the training is accessible from the same area the same user area that you can download the plug-in from and let me just show you a couple of these so you can see that rather than leave anybody behind because we know there's an awful lot people that tend to get left behind because people like us tend to forget that some people don't know the basics so we have everything included here in the video training so you know some of the basics such as hosting verification transferring name servers WordPress setup it's all included in the training and I just click there you can see a new page opens up and it contains a video it can you can download resources you can add notes so as you go through you can add notes discussions and you can access additional modules in the course and I'll just go through this and you can see the kind of things that we have sets up here so it's pretty much everything so again all of the basics so nobody gets left behind this is something that absolutely anybody can do I know everybody says every time they launch a brand new product but we really did want bloom to be usable and accessible to absolutely everybody it's an old-school method but it's been a supercharged so as I've shown you you can build as much content as you want in very very little time and almost all of that is going to be unique because it's pulled from inside of the YouTube videos which as I mentioned is an indexed so the monetization method that we're using here is Adsense now at since again it's one of those old-school methods which you probably look back and think well I tried that and I didn't really make any money well the training inside of bloom changes all of that now we have thousands and thousands of dollars in proof per month and this isn't difficult now you can choose to do this passively so if you're building out an authority blog using the bloom plug-in then you can drop in your adsense code which is explained within the training and let the content do the work for you or you can follow the advanced training which is also included in the front end product and you can supercharge your Adsense earnings now again this is really really simple stuff there's not a lot of training in here because we don't want to leave any body behind but it's all pretty basic now there are some tips some ninja tricks which will supercharge your earnings but you can choose to use those we can choose not to use those before you want is a passive income based on the back of the content do that if you want more then follow the advanced training as I say again it's included in the front end so you can see that bloom is a very simple and a very effective method is something that absolutely anybody can do there's no learning curve sure if you want to go more in depth and follow all of the training and use the ninja tricks to increase your Adsense revenue then by all means do so that will take you a little bit more time but in the meantime anybody can set up their blog they can grow it by the day they can pull in content in a matter of seconds and even when you play around with that content to get it looking just right for your blog it's going to take you mere minutes that content is going to be unique in nearly every circumstance because as I say Google dump index closed captions and subtitles so you're going to be pulling content at will whenever you like it really is a simple as I've shown you you put your Adsense code in there and you make money as you build your blog it's sustainable its evergreen and it's passive and it's something that anybody can do even if all they have is just a few minutes per day and as I mentioned earlier for all those that want to increase and supercharge that Adsense revenue and follow the advanced Adsense training it's all included in the front end.

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