Beading Crafters – Making Money Beyond The Craft Show

By | January 5, 2017

Did you know that there is so much more to selling your jewelry at art and craft shows? Have you ever thought of making videos for YouTube and other video hosting sites that teach others to make your craft? Information products, especially ones that are instructional and teach a craft or skill, is a multi-billion dollar business. Have you noticed just how many art and craft books there are at Barnes and Nobel? It is big business! People love to watch artists demonstrate their crafts and they want to know how to do it themselves.

You are the expert. You could teach people by the thousands through instructional videos distributed online. You just have to know some basic understanding of simple video production and internet marketing techniques. Imagine this…you simply have a friend video you making your favorite beaded necklace. Then you put it YouTube and it gets popular, then you can sell the viewer a number of different things:

* An instructional video.
* The supplies to make it themselves mailed directly from you.
* A website where they can order the supplies and you get a commission.
* A book, ebook or ecourse to teach them.
* And of course, the necklace itself made by you.

The point is that art and craft shows are just a small part of the revenue you could be making. If you are working a job full time, this could add real cashflow to your life without traveling or expenses. You can even just use YouTube videos to brand your jewelry line or promote your business to thousands of people. If you have ever dreamed of taking your jewelry craft business a step further, internet marketing and videos can make it happen.

For the lowest investment possible, you too can use the worldwide reach of the Internet to create wealth for you and your family. It can be a little or a lot… it's up to you. You are the artist and you are the expert. But there are information hungry people all over the world just waiting for you to show them how.

Whether your a newbie to Internet marketing or have been making money for years, there are always new updated techniques to creating an online business being discovered every day. Learn to make money with Alka Dalal, an expert internet marketer and public speaker for over 25 years.

Alka Dalal is an experienced internet marketer and fine artist that has been speaking to audiences for over 25 years about ways to increase their businesses.

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