AdWords Marketing – How to Make More Money Without Spending More

By | March 3, 2017

With so much competition in Google AdWords, most people end up spending more & more. Many times, their advertising fees will eat into their budget. What you are about to learn will help you make more money without spending more.


Do everything you can to improve leads & sales conversion. You need to constantly test your landing pages so that you can keep improving over time. If your sales conversion rate is 1% & you get it up to 2%, you did not increase your income by 2% but by 200%, this is the power of optimizing your conversions.


If you can, find a way to survey your current clients & leads. Just ask them what is the biggest challenge they are facing with regards to your topic. Look at the answers & you would not only find out what they really want, you will know the exact words that they use.


When you know what they want & the exact words they use, you just have to use the same words in your landing page, your pay per click ads & more. Believe me, your conversion rates will increase. As you know, when conversion rates increase, you make more money.


Raising your prices is a simple way to make more money. You can add on addition bonuses into your products or add on addition services to your current services in order to have a reason to raise your prices. Often, you can get away with raising your prices without a reason! Also, add upsells if possible.


Make the best of your pay per click traffic since you are paying for it. It is worth your time to optimize the conversion rates of your ads & landing pages. Run surveys to understand your audience better & your conversion rates will go up. Last but not least, try raising your prices & adding upsells.

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