Acer Liquid Mini Offers Images And Videos With Greater Details

By | January 7, 2017

A number of new phones have been released this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and amongst those is the new Acer Liquid Mini. This new phone from Acer provides a viable alternative if you are looking for a smart phone that does not cost too much. Also, the new phone will be coming with a lot of features and it makes this the best value for money offering in the mobile phone market currently. The Acer liquid is a successful model for Acer and this new phone is a slightly scaled-down version of it.

Nonetheless, the Acer Liquid Mini does not sacrifice on features too much. Once you start to use this phone, you will surely start to love it. The phone will be having a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen display that is capable of displaying up to 256K colours without much trouble. The resolution is also equally brilliant at 360 x 640 pixels. You will be getting Acers user interface as standard to help you along with the operations of the Android operating system. The biggest advantage of the Acer Liquid Mini is the presence of the 2GB memory card that will be coming along with the phone, although you can also choose to use the 32 GB memory card for better content management.

A five megapixel camera is present in this phone. Although it does not have the features that you would normally expect from a high-end mobile phone camera, it is good. You get a basic fixed focus camera and the only saving grace of this camera is the ability to record 480p videos at 30 frames per second. Android operating system is being used in more in mobile phones and the Acer Liquid Mini is no exception to that. It uses the Android 2.2 platform, which is very popularly called as the Froyo OS. The processor is that great and it is rated at 600 MHz. Even though it lacks in the ratings department, it makes up for it by stonking performance. Other features of the phone include 3G and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

There is also GPS connectivity option for navigational purposes and this will surely come in handy when you are visiting a new place. With the Acer Liquid Mini in hand, you will surely not get lost in a big city like New York. This is because the reception and other associated factors with GPS is really top notch when it comes to this phone. Some will suffer from lack of reception in areas where there are tall buildings, but the Acer Liquid Mini does not suffer from such problems. Micro-USB and Bluetooth are the connectivity options that are seen in this phone. However, the best feature that this phone can boast all day long is the presence of DLNA, which is a surprise feature considering this is a budget phone. The phone has been getting a lot of attention at the tech show recently and it is expected to go on sale in April.

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