4 Types Of Emails You Can Send To Your Subscribers

By | November 29, 2016

Among one of the most basic questions that is being frequently asked about as far as e-mail writing is worried is the types of emails that you can write to your subscribers.

There are essential 4 various kinds of e-mails you can write (and send out) to your customers, and they are – Informative e-mail, marketing e-mail, freebies email, and lastly, personal e-mails.

In the next couple of areas, I am going to go deeper into describing to you what each types of email is all about, along with the kinds of contents you should have in each of these types of e-mails.

1. Informational Emails

This is the very first kind of email – where you require to offer your subscribers some value (in giving them some details that they wish to receive). These information can be in a type of:

i. Tips – You can show them a pointer or 2 that you simply discovered (either from a book, from a post, from a video, and so on)

ii. How-To Details – You can show them a quick, detailed info on how to perform specific jobs. If there are numerous steps involved, what you must do is, just highlight the steps included in your e-mail, followed by a connect to your website, where they can find all the steps involved.

iii. New Post – You have just added a brand-new post in your blog/website and would like to let your customers understand about it. Exactly what you can do is that, you can send them an e-mail to provide them a short summary about exactly what this new post (which you have actually simply submitted) has to do with, together with a connect to your blog/website where they can read it in information.

2. Marketing Emails

These are emails that you send to promote a product/service (that you own or you are promoting as an affiliate).

Something you ought to refrain from doing is to hard-sell to your customers. Since by doing so will just get them feel inflamed and unsubscribe to your list (and you have actually lost your subscriber for great).

What you should do instead, is to give a short overview of the product/service, highlight some advantages (by telling them the problems the product/service can help solve, and how will your subscribers have the ability to gain from it), along some advantages and disadvantages of it.

You must not overwhelm your subscribers with a lot of advertising e-mails, as by doing so will only result in them eventually unsubscribe from their list. What you should do is to only promote products/services to them sometimes – Such as one or two times monthly.

3. Freebies

Surprise your customers from time to time by providing something totally free (without the need for them to opt-in, and validate their email address once again).

You can consist of the direct link for them to download the giveaway in the email itself.

These giveaways can be available in a type of a ebook (you can compose a 10 – 15 page short report where you show them some suggestions, or “how-to” on a specific subject in the specific niche that you remain in), short 10 to 15 minute audio, or video (or both).

By handing out something free of charge every so often (such as when every 2 to 3 months), your consumers will appreciate it, and all the more they will desire to remain registered to your list (as they know they will be able to get some additional and special occasionally).

4. Personal E-mails

Occasionally, you may want to inform them a little bit about your life – Such as what you have depended on recently (or exactly what type of tasks are you dealing with currently).

You can also level your hand to your subscribers by using to assist them out (in any questions in which they have).

This includes an element of personal touch, which will assist improve the relationship between you and your customers.

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